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Author Guidelines

Please note that as an ISI-Indexed journal, SAJEMS publishes submissions of a high standard. Manuscripts should therefore as a minimum contain and address the following aspects:

  • An introduction and/or basic literature study section(s) clearly indicating the research gap being investigated.
  • A research statement and/or question that is considered to be i) of adequate actuality and research-ability to warrant publication in an ISI-indexed journal and ii) falling within the broader scope and focus of SAJEMS.
  • An adequate explanation of i) the theoretical framework / research paradigm in which the article is contextualised, and ii) the research methodology in order to gauge the scientific validity of the research findings.
  • An adequate and clear discussion of the research findings, any conclusions and recommendations that indicate how (or whether) the research gap has been addressed.
  • All submissions must comply with the author guidelines stipulated below, or they will not be considered for publication.


All submissions are to be written in acceptable English. Manuscripts not meeting SAJEMS standards in terms hereof, may be returned to authors.

  • Please upload your anonymous manuscript with the i) title and abstract, the ii) Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification number(s) and iii) keywords. (Refer to for more information on the JEL classification system). 
  • The author(s), their institutional affiliations, and the contact details of the corresponding author should be entered when registering on the website. There should be NO reference to any author(s) details on the manuscript itself.
  • Please submit on a separate document from the manuscript (or as part of the cover letter), details of at least two potential referees (including the names, employer details and email addresses). Note that the editor retains the sole right to decide whether or not the suggested reviewers are to be used.
  • Please use the submission ID of your uploaded manuscript in all your correspondence and payments. 
  • Submission of a manuscript confirms that the research was conducted by the listed author(s), and that the manuscript is not under consideration at another journal anywhere in the world, nor has it been published anywhere before.
  • SAJEMS condones neither plagiarism nor the infringement of copyright.
  • All manuscripts are subjected to a double-blind reviewing process managed by the editorial board. The review processing time varies by article, and it can take up to a year (or more) for a paper to be published.
  • It is expected that authors whose manuscripts are reviewed and/or published in SAJEMS, review other manuscripts for the Journal when approached.

Types of manuscripts

  • According to the mission, focus and scope of SAJEMS, the purpose of the journal is to publish economic and management science research, preferably of an interdisciplinary nature from areas such economics, finance, accounting, human capital and related disciplines that breaks down common intellectual silos and prepares a new path for debate on the operation and development of sustainable wealth creating organisations and markets in the African context.
  • Only the following types of papers will be considered for publication: i) original research, ii) new perspectives on previous research and iii) research notes. Please note that a summary of the literature is not considered as constituting a new perspective on previous research.

Format of manuscript

  • All manuscript submissions should be written in either “Arial” or “Times New Roman” with a 12 point font, using 1.5 line spacing.  The preferred length of  a paper is 7000 words (approximately 25 pages including figures, tables, reference and other necessary items).
  • The first page of the manuscript should contain a concise abstract (200 – 400 words), the JEL classification, and up to 10 keywords. The main text of the manuscript should start on the second page of the submission.
  • Referencing should follow the Harvard referencing system. For details, please see the formatting example on the SAJEMS website.
  • Endnotes are to be used, and not footnotes. These should be numbered sequentially and placed immediately following the text of the manuscript.
  • Tables should be self-explanatory, i.e. a reader should be able to understand the table without reading the article. They should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript. Notes immediately following the table should explain any symbols or other useful information to the reader. The source of the table and any software used should be listed. Avoid using variable names; but rather short clear descriptions.
  • Figures should be self-explanatory and numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript. Notes describing the figure should be included immediately below the figure, and should include the source and software used.
  • Equations should be numbered consecutively, with these numbers appearing to the right of the equation. Theorems, lemmas, corollaries and proofs should also be numbered consecutively; however, we prefer that proofs be relegated to the appendix, in order to maintain the flow of the manuscript.
  • Once a manuscript has been accepted, it will be text edited by SAJEMS’ language consultants. Text edited papers are returned to the author(s) for approval. We ask authors to submit the accepted text edited version within three days, following which, it is sent to the layout specialist. Any thanks, acknowledgements or other considerations should be placed in a final section of the paper; the heading of the section should be “Acknowledgements”.

Uploading papers

When you have signed on, under USER HOME you will see your role as author. When you click on that you will see the option of uploading a new submission. Under Journal Section, choose the article option and click that you accept ALL the conditions or you won't be allowed to go to the next step.
Then press save and continue, upload the title and abstract, again press save and continue  then upload the paper- make sure that you click upload, otherwise it will not be on the web and finally click save and continue (as it is unlikely you will have supplementary data files) and finish submission.

Uploading revised manuscripts

At the top of the author page, there are 3 tabs: i) Summary, ii) Review and iii) Editing. When you click on the Review tab under Editor Decision (under Upload Author Version).  You can upload your author report of changes made under the Summary tab under Submission → Add a supplementary file. 
You need to send a message to the editor under Notify Editor (envelope icon) to alert him of your revised submission.



Please note that entering a submission into our peer-review process does NOT guarantee that the submission will be accepted.

If the submission is accepted for publication after review, the author(s) are to pay the appropriate publication fees, depending on the length of the article:

•   Up to 7,000       words R 4,000 (U$ 300)
•   7,001 to 9,000   words R 5,500 (U$ 450)
•   More than 9,000 words R 7,000 (U$ 520)

This fee covers the text editing and layout fees. The paper will only be published once of proof of payment has been received. Payment should be made to the following bank account (An official invoice can be issued upon request):

•    University of Pretoria: ABSA Bank Hatfield branch.
•    Account no 2140000038.
•    Sort code 335 545 / SWIFT address ABSAZAJJCPT.      
•    Use the following reference details upon payment: A9373-3501 your name and the submission ID.

SAJEMS also provides a credit card option for payment for which the following information is required:

•    Card Number:                            _____________________
•    Expiry Date:                               _____________________
•    Digit Security Code:                    _____________________
•    Name of Credit Card holder:        _____________________
•    Amount:                                    _____________________
•    Description:                               Fee for     #__________


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  3. Please ensure that the authors' names have been removed to ensure anonymity
  4. Authors should ask themselves whether the manuscript makes a constructive and valuable academic contribution and whether their paper is satisfactory from a LINGUISTIC point of view (e.g. grammar). If in doubt, please consult a language adviser before submitting the paper.
  5. The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, as stipulated above.
  6. By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) declare the following:
    that this research is my own original work. Where someone else’s work was used (whether printed, internet or any other source) due acknowledgement was given and reference made

Copyright Notice

Copyright on articles is owned by the Journal

Readers are welcome to reproduce, share and adapt the content without permission provided the source is attributed.  Refer to


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