Vol 19, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Credit procyclicality and financial regulation in South Africa PDF
James Bernstein, Leroi Raputsoana, Eric Schaling 467-478
The debtor-friendly fallacy in business rescue: Agency theory moderation and quasi relationships PDF
Marius Pretorius 479-496
Board composition, board size and financial performance of Johannesburg stock exchange companies PDF
Munyradadzi Raymond Muchemwa, Nirupa Padia, Chris William Callaghan 497-513
Antecedents to transformational community engagement in South Africa PDF
Lauren Stirling, Anthony Wilson-Prangley, Gillian Hamilton, Johan Olivier 514-532
The effect of institutional trust on internet banking acceptance: Perspectives of South African banking retail customers PDF
Daniel Maduku 533-548
Analysis of Nigerian insurers’ perceptions of climate change PDF
Zelda Anne Elum, Judith Simonyan 549-561
Causes of corruption: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa PDF
Joseph Ato Forson, Theresa Yaaba Baah-Ennumh, Ponlapat Buracom, Guojin Chen, Peng Zhen 562-578
Users’ corporate environmental information needs PDF
Peter Nasiema Kamala, Christa Wingard, Christo Cronje 579-591
An initial review of biodiversity reporting by South African corporates: The case of the food and mining sectors PDF
Hafsa Mansoor, Warren Maroun 592-614
A nutritional goods and a complete consumer demand system estimation for South Africa using actual price data PDF
Marius Louis van Oordt 615-629
The co-operative model as a means of stakeholder management: An exploratory qualitative analysis PDF
Darrell Hammond, John Luiz 630-646
Sense of coherence: A distinct perspective on financial well-being PDF
Antoni Barnard 647-660
Analysis of the South African input-output table to determine sector specific economic impacts: A study on real estate PDF
Douw Gert Brand Boshoff, Reyno Seymore 661-689

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