Vol 6, No 4 (2003)

Table of Contents


Trade liberalisation, competitiveness and the real exchange rate (RER): An analysis of developments in South Africa during the 1990s PDF
L Rangasamy, C Harmse 643-665
The effects of macroeconomic instability and inflation on sustainable real growth in South African firms PDF
M Beaumont-Smith, LW Murray, C N’Cho-Oguie, DL Blakley 666-692
Quantitative linkages between the formal and informal sectors in the South African economy PDF
GP Naidoo, TI Fenyes 693-723
African entrepreneurs: An analysis of their motivation for starting their own business PDF
BC Mitchell 724-743
Securitisation in South Africa: Historic deficiencies and future outlook PDF
A Saayman, P Styger 744-764
Dissemination of annual report information on the internet by South African companies PDF
F Naudé, A Du Toit 765-784
Software piracy – Some aspects for South African managers to keep in mind PDF
D De Kock, S Lubbe, W Kritzinger 785-801
Countercyclical fiscal policy in South Africa: Role and iImpact of automatic fiscal stabilisers PDF
JA Swanepoel, NJ Schoeman 802-822
Concentration in Botswana's banking sector PDF
T Kayawa, A Amusa 822-847
On productivity and technology diffusion in Nigeria PDF
NA Ndiyo 848-867
Changing approaches to financing and financial management in the South African local government sector PDF
D Sing 868-880
Coping, stress and suicide ideation in the South African Police Service in the Eastern Cape PDF
R Meyer, S Rothmann, J Pienaar 881-904
The effects of different approaches to salary survey data analysis on pay curve midpoint values PDF
RJ Snelgar 905-916

Book review

Book Review - Famine in Africa − Causes, responses and prevention PDF
J von Braun, T Teklu, P Webb 916-919

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