Vol 19, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


Enhancing the accuracy of fiscal projections in South Africa PDF
Estian Calitz, Krige Siebrits, Ian Stuart 330-343
How do age and location affect a business? Evaluating the objectives, outputs and outcomes of small business policy PDF
Menisha Moos, Melodi Botha 344-357
Art investment in South Africa: Portfolio diversification and art market efficiency PDF
Ferdi Botha, Jen Snowball, Brett Scott 358-368
Pricing contingent convertible bonds in African banks PDF
Francois Liebenberg, Gary van Vuuren, Andre Heymans 369-387
The source of investment cash flow sensitivity in manufacturing firms: Is it asymmetric information or agency costs? PDF
Daniel Makina, Letenah Ejigu Wale 388-399
Job crafting and its impact on work engagement and job satisfaction in mining and manufacturing PDF
Leon T de Beer, Maria Tims, Arnold B Bakker 400-412
A customer-focused approach to distribution: The case of SANparks PDF
Anneli Douglas 413-431
Characterisation of cyclists’ willingness to pay for green initiatives at Africa’s largest cycle tour PDF
Melville Saayman, Waldo Krugell, Andrea Saayman 432-439
The quest for process operations variability reduction in manufacturing firms in South Africa PDF
Madi Katombe, Elias Munapo 440-466

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