Vol 12, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Active versus passive policies of unemployment: growth and public finance perspectives PDF
Rangan Gupta, Charlotte Du Toit 1-10
Financial development and economic growth: literature survey and empirical evidence from sub-Saharan African countries PDF
Songul Kakilli Acaravci, Ilhan Ozturk, Ali Acaravci 11-27
A dynamic macroeconomic model of the Nigerian economy with emphasis on the monetary sector PDF
Enang Bassey Udah 28-47
Explaining long-term growth in Namibia PDF
Joel Hinaunye Eita, Charlotte du Toit 48-62
Boundary management of employees’ non-work lives: effects on South African workers’ commitment PDF
Gregory John Lee, Clare Louise Steele 63-81
Work-home interaction of employees in the mining industry PDF
Karina Mostert, GR Oldfield 81-99
Celebrity endorsements versus created spokespersons in advertising: a survey among students PDF
Delarey Van der Waldt, M M van Loggerenberg, L Wehmeyer 100-114
Using information technology governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) as a creator of business values – a case study PDF
Sam Lubbe, Osden Jokonya 115-125
Theory building trends in international management research: an archival review of preferred methods PDF
Drikus Kriek, David Beaty, Stella Nkomo 126-135

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