Vol 15, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


Entrepreneurial attributes of undergraduate business students: a three country comparison revisited PDF
Shelley Farrington, Danie Venter, Christine Schrage, Peter van der Meer 333-351
Tracking the venture creation phases in terms of entrepreneurial self-efficacy: links to competitiveness of South African ventures PDF
Boris Urban 352-366
Gender differences in student attitudes towards sexual appeals in print advertising PDF PDF
Philippa Klug, Debbie Vigar-Ellis 367-381
Does personality matter for small business success? PDF
Shelley Farrington 382-401
Exploring coping strategies of business leaders during an economic downturn PDF
Marlise van Zyl, Yvonne du Plessis 402-415
The relative importance of financial ratios in creating shareholders’ wealth PDF
Merwe Oberholzer 416-428
The impact of socially responsible investment index constituent announcements on firm price: evidence from the JSE PDF
Chimwemwe Chipeta, Olga Gladysek 429-439
Empirical study of national technological innovation capability in Africa PDF
Mónica García-Ochoa Mayor, María Luisa Blázquez de la Hera, Enrique de Diego Ruiz 440-463

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