Vol 16, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Trade structure, trade mode and the urban-rural income gap in China PDF
Hao Wei, Xi Wang 96-114
Market driving behaviour in organisations: Antecedents and outcomes PDF
Jurie Van Vuuren, Nadin Wörgötter 115-141
An international comparison of inflation credibility surveys PDF
Jannie Rossouw, Vishnu Padayachee, Stephanus Johannes Joubert 142-153
Managing postgraduate research service quality: Developing and assessing a conceptual model PDF
Shawn Ramroop, Krishna Kistan Govender 154-160
An estimate of the recreational value of the Agulhas Plain, South Africa, with special reference to the value of plant biodiversity PDF
Beatrice Conradie, Maria Garcia 170-182
The cost-effectiveness of intervening in low and high HIV prevalence areas in South Africa PDF
Josue Mbonigaba 183-198
Performance satisfaction, shareholder and stakeholder orientations: Managers´ perceptions in three countries across continents PDF
Georgios Angelopoulos, John A Parnell, Gregory J Scott 199-215
A marketing perspective on the impact of financial and non-financial measures on shareholder value PDF
Charlene Gerber, Pierre D Erasmus, Nic S Terblanche, Delia Schmidt 216-230

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