Vol 16, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents


Ownership governance and performance in Spanish-Moroccan joint ventures PDF
Maria Victoria Lopez-Perez, Maria Carmen Perez-Lopez, Lazaro Rodriguez-Ariza 231-243
The role of internal and external factors on management students’ subject choices PDF
David AL Coldwell, Chris W Callaghan 244-257
Private equity and venture capital in South Africa: A comparison of project financing decisions PDF
David Portmann, Chipo Mlambo 258-278
Travel or technology? Business factors influencing management decisions PDF
Anneli Douglas, Berendien Lubbe, Inger Fabris Rotelli 279-297
Product innovation of private health insurers in South Africa and the impact of entrepreneurial orientation PDF
Boris Urban 298-315
Separation of ownership and control in South African-listed companies PDF
Blanché Steyn, Lesley Stainbank 316-345
Towards a listed real estate investment valuation model PDF
Douw Gert Brand Boshoff 329-346
Ending the myth of the St Petersburg Paradox PDF
Robert Vivian 347-362
Book review: Export promotion. A decision support model approach PDF
Patrick De Pelsmacker 363

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