Vol 16, No 5 (2013)

Table of Contents


Foreword to the Special Issue of the 5th Annual International Conference of Organisational Innovation PDF
Alex Maritz I
The relationships among business strategies, organisational performance and organisational culture in the tourism industry PDF
Mong-Mei Lin, Yueh-Hsin Wu 1-8
A study on the performance of labor outsourcing in the public sector PDF
Liu Hong-Cheng 9-15
Who influenced inflation persistence in China? A comparative analysis of the standard CIA model and CIA model with endogenous money PDF
Liao Ying, Ridong Hu 16-22
A weighted linear combination ranking technique for multi-criteria decision analysis PDF
Chou Jyh-Rong 23-41
Effects of office space and colour on knowledge sharing and work stress PDF
Luke Hsiao, Ming-Chi Hsiao, Yu-Lan Wang 42-53
Innovation and social entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid - A conceptual framework PDF
Taimoor Pervez, Alex Maritz, Anton De Waal 54-66
High-tech industries' overseas investment performance evaluation - Application of data envelopment analysis PDF
Ridong Hu, Chich-Jen Shieh 67-73
The relationship between working overtime and knowledge sharing in the food catering service industry – with work stress as the mediator PDF
Wu-chung Wu 74-86
A research on comprehension differences between print and screen reading PDF
Szu-Yuan Sun, Chich-Jen Shieh, Kai-Ping Huang 87-101
A study of Chinese guanxi type in family business from the perspective of power-based and leadership behaviours PDF
Hsien-Tang Tsai, Tung-Ju Wu, Shang-Pao Yeh 102-114
Financing gap in Malaysian small-medium enterprises: A supply-side perspective PDF
Shamshubaridah Ramlee, Madeline Berma 115-126
Labour market reform and potential inequality of outcomes: The Australian story PDF
Alexis Esposto 127-136

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