Vol 10, No 4 (2007)

Table of Contents


Accelerating the implementation of the clean development mechanism in South African industry PDF
G Little, T Maxwell, M Sutherland 395-411
The current orthodoxy in environmental economics: A review and a challenge PDF
AB Lumby 412-422
The ecological and economic consequences of changing land use in the southern Drakensberg grasslands, South Africa PDF
JK Turpie, T O'Connor, A Mills, H Robertson 423-441
The economic value of flower tourism at the Namaqua National Park, South Africa PDF
I James, T Hoffman, A Munro, P O'Farell, R Smart 442-456
The role of hunting in village livelihoods in the Ashanti region, Ghana PDF
D Crookes, D Humphreys, F Masroh, B Tarchie, EJ Milner-Gulland 457-469
An economic case for drainage for sustainable irrigation: Case studies in the lower Vaal and Riet catchments PDF
RJ Armour, MF Viljoen 470-481
Is there a need to audit CVM applications to the environment? PDF
S Hosking 482-489
Black economic empowerment in the Eastern Cape automotive industry: Challenges and policies PDF
GS Horn 490-503
Entrepreneurial training curriculum assessment: The case of new venture creation learnerships PDF
M Pretorius, T Wlodarczyk 504-529
Non-tariff barriers faced by South African firms: Are there any lessons? PDF
SF Koch, MA Peet 530-543
Globalisation and global economic governance: Contextualising the interpretations and the debate. A review of literature PDF
AJ Van Niekerk 544-557
Work teams: A review of South African research PDF
HS Kriek 558-571

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